On April 13, 2023 at 6:30 p.m., Rotary is organizing a charity fundraising event for the Women’s Empowerment Project at the Louvre Antaninarenina with 100 guests. The artist Sylvain Subervie, known internationally for his famous ” Banc de Poissons ” and his various monumental works “Les Guerriers Boucliers”, “Le Monde est Marteau”, “Embouteillage” is pleased to announce that he will participate in this evening where he will exhibit his artistic performance on the theme “Aloalo” of Madagascar, named “LOVE MADAGASCAR”, which have the following characteristics; Available in 04 different formats in color of Rotary: -2D PM -2D GM -3D PM -3D GM -2D GM Collector -3D GM Collector With certificate of authenticity; With a height of 30 cm or 70 cm.

This work is a conception of the famous artist Sylvain Subervie interpreting Indiana’s flashy LOVE with a unique and personal calligraphy inspired by the Malagasy Aloalo. When he decides to talk about love with the Aloalo, he begins a new period where he paints his works for the first time. This brings a richness to the collection and becomes particular by the hyperrealism, the monochrome, the polychromy, the drawings with effects, the inlays of rock crystal and some with the gold leaf. During this event, he will incite the guests to discover a part of the Malagasy culture and will mix his deep love for his host country and the current tendencies of the contemporary art, while respecting the heart of his activity in the hope that LOVE MADAGASCAR will rise on the international level.

One-third of the price of each piece will be donated to Rotary to help with the Women’s Empowerment Project.