Poem of a friend

Poem of a friend
How to define Sylvain Subervie’s work?

A foolish, saving gesture.
A primitive instinct to survive, to live, come up from the depths.
From his childhood, his broken innocence
Dark days wondering why
Lonely nights of absence
A redhot pocker burning deep into the flesh
His damaged flesh biting back at the iron
Sylvain’s work is all of this
A rage that braves the pain
A fight, may be even a victory
A campaign, that’s for sure
A force he draws from abysses

… And from the smiles of Madagascar’s children.

A compassion tired by fire and shared, at last
The resurgence of a broken child, of a livid man
Raw fragility and sensual brutality
A bright Crystal sharp and a tamed incandescent iron
His work is truth, crazy love and generosity
Who could be unmoved bu such ardor?