Art for Biodiversity
Lover of sea since his childhood, Sylvain Subervie chooses to form the symbol of the marin world, The Fish. He devises a huge replica of a Shoal of Fish, animated and completely transparent.
An artwork that defends tne under water health, the innocent beauty and the flowing strength of a fish.
A dumb, naive fish bruised by humans.
When wind blows, Fish go in a move bringing everyone’s imagination into a short journey.
First exhibited in the old Port of Cannes in 2007, Fish finaly find their last stop in Cagnes sur Mer. Other installations are also available in private establishments such as « La Côte St Jacques » in Joigny. This work is part of a cultural attraction for the public at each of these exhibitions around the world.


Small sizes : Length 25cm; 30cm; 35cm; 50cm; 70cm; 90cm; 110cm; 130cm.
Monumental : Length from 1.50m to 6m
All Fish are destinated for indoor or outdoor installation.

Exhibition at the port of Cannes
Photo: Fréderic Santos
Exhibition at the R&C « La côte St Jacques » Joigny
Permanent exhibition
Seaside of Cagnes sur Mer
Exhibition at the city hall of Antananarivo
Set of fish
Set of Fish
3 sizes: 3.6ft ; 3ft; 2.3ft
wrought iron and rock crystal
Set of fish
In 3 size : 3.6 feet – 3 feet – 2.30 feet
Wrought iron and rock crystal
R&C La Cote St Jacques, Joigny
Cap d’antibes exhibition
Length : 19.68″
Small fish
Length : 14″, wrought iron and rock crystal
3 small fish, 14″, 12″, 10″
Small Fish painted in blue
Dimensions: 10” thru 43”
Small Fish painted in red
Dimensions: 10” thru 43”
Private installation of fish sets
Private installation of fish sets
Private collection